Patron Services


Listening Devices for the Hearing Impaired are provided free of charge for each performance. Please note that there is a limited quantity.

Although animals are not permitted in the theatre, an exception is made for guide dogs and service animals. Please inform the Box Office if accommodations are required.

Wheelchair Seating

Asheville Community Theatre is committed to providing guests with a safe and enjoyable entertainment experience. Please contact the Box Office if you need to request special accommodations for wheelchairs or other mobility issues.

Wheelchair spaces are not available for purchase online and must be arranged by calling the Box Office at (828) 254-1320, ext. 23

Seating for those with disabilities must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance before the show date.

Those purchasing wheelchair seating may purchase one (1) wheelchair seat and up to three (3) companion seats. Any additional seats must be purchased in the regular seating areas. This policy ensures that we are able to accommodate all available and accessible wheelchair seats in our theatre.

Descriptive Audio for the Sight Impaired (DASI)

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Descriptive Audio for the Sight Impaired (DASI) makes visual aspects of the performing arts accessible to visually impaired patrons. Actions, facial expressions, scenery, and costumes are described for patrons using special, unobtrusive microphones and a transmitter. DASI is independent of the theatre’s sound system, so only those who have DASI receivers will hear the descriptive audio. DASI creates an inclusive environment enabling the sight impaired to fully enjoy live theatre productions! The only cost to a visually impaired patron who wishes to use DASI is the ticket/admission price of the event being described. Volunteer drivers may receive a free ticket. DASI’s receivers can be used with hearing aids for patrons with hearing as well as visual difficulties. The receivers can be used in any seat at ACT.

During the second weekend of each play throughout the Mainstage season, audio description is provided at each of the three performances. All you need to do is call the Box Office to make your ticket reservation and when you come to the show, find the table in the lobby with the DASI sign.

ACT is proud to offer DASI and could not do so without the continuing support of Asheville Eye Associates.

For more information about DASI, please contact Jan Stanko, DASI President, at 828-253-8781.