In The Lobby

Jékksyn Orilyn Ícaro

Portraits and Drawings

"Watered Down"

At 28 years old, Jékksyn Ícaro has spent 20 of those around Asheville, NC. Transplanted from Key West, Ícaro is a nonbinary, multiracial, neurodivergent, brujx with a passion for activism. Ícaros work focuses on a plethora of themes like exploring the challenges of intersectional identities, finding the magical in the mundane, and capturing the personalities of loved ones in watercolor. Known for their portraits of folx in the queer community, Ícaro has showcase their collection at UNCA, YMI Cutural Center, and in collaboration with Youth Outright. On Instagram:

The Lobby Gallery is curated by Sara LeDonne. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday 10:00 am -4:00 pm and when the Box Office is open for Mainstage shows.