Cast List: Curtains: School Edition

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September 14, 2023 | By Eli Cunningham

Cast List: Curtains: School Edition

Congratulations to the Youth Production cast of Curtains: School Edition!
Thank you so much for your joy, support, and preparation in our auditions yesterday! We are so excited to work with every single one of you as we create murderous, mysterious, musical memories together! See you on Saturday at 12 PM for rehearsal!
~ Michael, Shua, Conny, Toni, Evren, Everett, & Zoe
Curtains: School Edition Cast List
Lieutenant Frank Cioffi – Henry Clickner
Niki Harris – Ella Bazley
Georgia Hendricks – Ava Ramsberger
Carmen Bernstein – Evan Brooks
Aaron Fox – Dominic Frias
Christopher Belling – Simon Leonard
Bambi Bernet – Grace Callihan
Oscar Shapiro – Gibson Webb
Joanie Harmon/Marjorie Cook – Rose Hynes
Sidney Bernstein/Ronnie Driscoll – Agatha Shoham
Daryl Grady/Russ Cochran – Millie Stradley
Bobbi Pepper – Alice Crandall
Randy Dexter/Mona Page – Kenzie Roark
Harv Fremont/Roberta Wooster – Lizzie Pereda Camp
Jessica Cranshaw/Arlene Barruca – Nicole Miller
Detective O’Farre
Curtains runs October 20-22, 2023

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