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August 7, 2021 | By Jenny

Cast List: Clue

Thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned! We were thrilled to meet so many new people as well as reconnect with folks who’ve been on our Mainstage before. Our plan earlier this year was to double cast each of our Mainstage shows, but if there’s one thing spending the past 16 months with COVID have taught us, it’s that change is a constant. And so, we have not double cast Clue.

Here’s why: As the situation with Covid-19 and variants continues to evolve we’ve realized keeping our production process as streamlined and simple as possible is a smarter decision and healthier choice for our staff, production team, and cast and crew. In working out the logistics of how two casts would rehearse and perform, we weren’t able to find a way to reduce time spent for rehearsals. Where before we thought cast members of one cast would be able to step in to replace sick or quarantined cast members of the other cast, now we’re realizing that if anyone became sick we would most likely need to postpone/cancel weekends. With the speed and severity of Delta, it’s more apparent than before that we simply need less people involved and less people at rehearsals and in contact with one another.

Cast List
John Adams … Professor Plum
Adam Lentini … Cop/Chief of Police/Auxiliary Mustard
Adam Arthur … Col. Mustard
Kathy O’Connor … Mrs. Peacock
Tiffanie Boone … Miss Scarlet
Travis Lowe … Wadsworth
Sharon Taylor … Mrs. White
Mash Hes … Yvette
Jenna MacIntyre … Singing Telegram Girl
Cameron Mussar … Mr. Green
Joshua Kerber … Mr. Boddy/Cop/Federal Agent
Cary Nichols … Cook/Motorist/Auxiliary Scarlett/Federal Agent

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