Tanglewood began in 1959 with a boy, a backyard, and a dream.

John Haber was 11 years old when he produced the first Tanglewood Children’s Theatre play, The Ghost of Mr. Penny. It was a magical era in Asheville. John Haber planted seeds with Tanglewood that continue to grow in Asheville; his vision empowered children to have fun and be creative, collaborative, hardworking, and responsible. These characteristics and values remain fundamental to today’s programming at ACT that carries the Tanglewood name. We are in a unique position to honor the legacy of Tanglewood and John’s outstanding contribution to generations of families and the arts in Asheville.

Timeline of Tanglewood:

  • 1959-1963: Performances at North Asheville Community Center and William Randolph Auditorium
  • 1964-1966: Performances at Thomas Wolfe Playhouse and William Randolph Auditorium
  • 1967-1970s: Performances at schools, libraries, and ACT
  • 1980s-2001: Performances at UNC Asheville
  • 2002-present: Performances at ACT

Asheville Community Theatre will raise $1,500,000 to name both the Education Complex and the Second Stage theatre for Tanglewood.

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